A comparison of Politifact’s Truth-O-Meter shows Hillary Clinton statements rated ‘False' or 'Pants on Fire' 13.33%, which is one of the best ratings of any candidate for as long as they’ve been checking. Donald Trump, when fact checked, is shown to tell some form of lie 78% of the time.

To a sane person this is very frustrating. Essentially, what this tells us is that you cannot bring facts to a bullshit battle, as Trump continues to garner over 40% of the voting population. Trump supporters go so far beyond not doing their homework – they don’t care that reality exists. For whatever causes of their perceived suffering, they actively reject a logical, sensible world where truth, honesty, integrity and accountability exist side-by-side.

But at times, the lying seems to go beyond false representations of Hillary’s past, or interpretations of polls, or bragging about how amazing he is, what a great temperament he has or his black-magic method of calculating net worth. There have been a number of times where Trump has over-lied to a point where I believe he is employing a strategy of suggesting that something is opposite of what it is, because he is actually guilty of that very thing. He believes that if he makes an accusation on others, he won’t be seen as guilty. From my view, Trump is living in a perpetual game of Opposite Day.

Here are some examples:

The Drug Test: Before the second debate, Rump made an incredibly bizarre statement that he thought they should take a drug test because Hillary had way too much energy in her attacks against him. Immediately I thought about the incessant sniffling and mood swings of Trump during the first debate, which seemed to only intensify at the subsequent debates. It seems pretty clear to me that the entire mentality of this man-cheeto is stuck in the 80s, so he likely is still nursing an cocaine addiction, which he needed to get through the debates. So why not shut down the possibility of accusations by suggesting to take a drug test and attacking his opponent at the same time? Clearly he was doubling down on the booger sugar, so why not throw some mud to deflect?

Crooked Hillary: By seizing on the battle cries of “Lock her Up” essentially Drumpf is suggesting that Hillary Clinton is somehow a criminal for her ‘scandals’. But let’s be very clear, every scandal that has befallen her has been at the hands of her opponents, who seek to tarnish here exemplary career. When you dig (as I have repeatedly) there is no merit to any suggestion of criminality in her actions. And I'm not being her rube here - I’ve dug, and she always comes out clean, with perhaps some questions of judgement. It’s just plain conspiracy. But he needs this narrative to deflect from his own shortcomings. The Tangerine Tornado's checkered past is likely to come back to haunt him. Having thrust himself so forcefully into the public eye with his sham of a campaign, Trump is now exposed to revisit the sins of his past. He’s already facing a fraud trial in Nov and child rape charges in December. If the multitude of groping victims erupts into sexual assault charges or any of the businesses and people he’s screwed over his lifetime decided to seek revenge, now is the time – as he’s never been so vulnerable (in the past people wouldn’t come forward because they were afraid of his power and bullying mentality). Crooked Donald!

The Liberal Media: I’m so sick of hearing this. In the past I would agree that certain media outlets would slant toward liberal. But lately, I’ve been reading and watching Fox News to find balance. It’s fucking painful, because there is a mix of sincere attempts at journalism muddled up with extreme conspiracy theorists. It’s designed to give people who watch a feeling like they’re being fair journalists, but the overall tone is that Hillary is the antichrist. Whereas ALL of the rest of the mainstream media are focused on reporting accurately, sometimes over-balancing to appear fair (could the media have possibly done worse on the recent FBI situation??). But accuracy is simply against the Tiny Hands Baboon. His own words are all that is necessary to support most of the claims made against him. So when the Orange Manatee rails against the liberal media, he’s just railing against fair reporting, which happens to be the sensible interpretation of his bullshit.

The Rigged Election: As Bill Maher loves to point out, Stump is a 'whiny little bitch'. Any time something doesn’t go his way, his default excuse is that it’s rigged. He’s been crying foul about election day from the start and has famously defied our democracy by suggesting he will wait and see if there isn’t rampant voter fraud. Yet, all accounts of fraud and voter intimidation so far have been at the hands of his supporters. He is personally encouraging people who have already voted to re-vote “just in case it is not counted”. Moreover, multiple instances of armed intimidators have been reported at polling places in Trump garb. Rest assured that these will not let up. The more we hear Fuckface Von Clownstick complain about rigging, the more you can count on him scheming to cheat.

There’s a mountain of more, but I think you get the point. I’m ready for Tuesday. I want to feel there is some sanity left in America. If Hillary gets less than 300 electoral votes, I’ll be happy she won, but very disappointed for our nation. Only at over 340 votes will there be a clear sign that people are willing to shut down this culture of hate, lying, fear and misdirection. I would love to see a resounding stamp that we will not fall prey to the perpetual game of Opposite Day.