And so it is... another year, another event. My posts have become so infrequent that you're likely to find the annual ToP post half way down this same page. It's not because I don't love you, my dears. Rather, it's because I'm focused on the just living the epic life and have decided that part of it is not talking about it so much. You remember my post on the social media narcissist back in 2010? Well, I decided to try and practice what I preach. But there are a few reasons I'll sweep off the cobwebs and pull out the soapbox. Judah, who turns nine on Thursday, is a big reason. He continues to illuminate my own existential cobwebs with every brilliant and innocent thought that comes from his brain. Together we're writing our own blog by just being us, together, and it manifests in the way he shines his light on the world. I can't wait to see what he becomes but will fight bare-knuckled to remain present in him, now. Every day I find myself in gratitude, high on my great fortune to be his dad.

And that leads to Taste of Potrero. I do it for him. Plain and simple. When we made the choice to forego private school and embrace public education in San Francisco, I vowed to myself that I would do everything in my power to give him an experience that was comparable, if not better. Money was the issue, so we found a way to raise some. And it continues to grow. With Taste of Potrero we've reached the levels of the fundraising efforts of schools with very active and endowed parent communities, which we don't. We cannot have an auction within our community and walk away with $200k. We had to go outside.


This year the event has matured. Last year was hands-down the best event for many reasons. Very few hiccups, great flow, great food, great drinks, big money. We figured out most of the details that make this a successful party and kept the formula. 2014 proves to be another's why:

  • We've moved to the NWBLK at 1999 Bryant. The venue is bigger and sexier. The event should big bigger, but won't FEEL bigger.
  • San Francisco Magazine is our media sponsor. They bring big chops.
  • The restaurants and bars are all amazing. This year the cocktail offerings will blow your mind thanks to Anchor Distillery.
  • We've got live entertainment and food trucks outside (Del Popolo, El Sur, Gabriel Angelo - the Trumpet Kid and Gabi Holzwarth).
  • It's all you can eat and drink for $100, $200 for VIP. Every penny goes to public education.

Tickets are nearly sold out, but I'd love to keep it in the family - so snag up the remainders.

May 8, 2014 NWBLK 1999 Bryant Street General Admission 7-11pm $100 VIP 6-11pm $200