I rarely link out to other blogs. Not that I wouldn't, but my posts are so infrequent that I often focus on what is important to me. Tonight I was reading my friend, Caroline Wachsmuth's magnificent collection of impressions on the topic of "What is Beautiful?". She has curated the posts from her inspiring and creative community and each perspective shines a unique light on interpreting beauty. I am drawn to, and inspired by, the notion that there is no formula for beauty. In fact, the clichés and conventions that commonly define attractiveness don't apply to these enlightened perspectives on beauty (many of whom work in fashion and beauty in France and abroad). Rather, they are shadowed by an appreciation for elements like metamorphosis, originality, emotions, balance – it is ephemeral, unexpected, free, nature.

But my favorite came from textile artist Sasha Duerr, who said "For me, Beauty is often planted in the now. Grown in the process. How just a moment can encompass a memory. A glimmer of being able to see the visible in the invisible."

I encourage you to visit and perhaps find inspiration for your own take on beauty. Click the image to visit her blog:

What is Beauty