It's been silent around here lately, eh? Quiet from the Zealot actually means that the wheels are turning even harder. I've been a busy boy. First, I was out of town for the annual trade show for my industry. I do home theater crap. It's a big convention. I'm involved with the organization. I spoke to a banquet of 600 people, overcoming a lifelong fear of mine. It felt good. I'm pumped. Julie took a job. It's kinda of a grind. New technology stuff. Kicking her ass. Long commute. That means that I'm Mr. Mom these days. Drop the booger off at school, play dates in the afternoon. I actually love it. This kind of time with my little man is invaluable. We're getting on the same page.

The economy finally caught up with me and lit a huge fire under my ass with my business. Quite frankly, as an entrepreneur for the past 15 years, I realized that the energy is constantly ebbing and flowing. The past year has been a real ebb for me. How can I get excited about selling stuff that people are struggling to justify. I'm not selling cancer cures - it's just a freaking TVs. But I always come around to the fact that being an entrepreneur is not about the thing you do, it's about the doing. Being successful at anything is more about how you go about what you do, rather than the thing itself. And I like that. So, I rededicated myself to playing the game and figuring out ways to do it better. I've been telling my friends for a long time, it's not about working hard, it's about working smarter.

So, with the food blog. I am not going away. I have way too much to say and from my stats, it looks like people enjoy reading it. But I've fallen in to a familiar rut. You see, I am a food addict. Many of us are and probably won't admit it. It's not that I am obsessed with food, it's quality and all of the foodie nuances that I post about. That shit is fine. It's the food for nurturing shit that is the problem. You can read my post [LINK] about the last time I did a food cleanse to really understand what this means to me. In fact, read it now before moving on. It's important to understand what comes next.

So, I'm doing another master cleanse to kick start the next era in my relationship with food. I just had a conversation with my buddy who has half-heartedly done cleanses for a long time. While he agrees with me that it isn't about the "cleansing characteristics" (because science is conflicted) or about "dieting" (because you WILL go back to the old habits) but it is about the psychological battle. As you read in that post, I believe that mankind is meant to be closer to starvation. My buddy suggested that the physical extremity of the master cleanse could be damaging to the body. I would argue that the physical extremity of the opposite is true. To my sensibilities, gluttony is probably worse for the body than controlled starvation, in the long run. Heart disease, diabetes, obesity - these are the real problems of our time.

The issue remains that once I finish the cleanse I will likely return to my old habits no long after. While I strongly believe this to be true, I also think that something significant changed in me the last time. I can only hope that each time I do it, I get a little closer to a balanced life, rather than constantly living in the extremes. The wake up call has the power to temper the status quo until there is some happy medium. Or not.

So, a lot of you have expressed interest in the master cleanse and some of you might want to join me in solidarity and share experiences. My last full meal will be on Friday evening and I will be drinking the senna tea that night, fully prepared for a salt-water-flush (herein SWF) on Saturday morning. I am going to do it for 10 full days, the last of which will be Monday the 28th. I will return to food, via broth on Tuesday and probably start solids again on Wednesday.

Of course I will be documenting my experiences, since I wasn't writing the blog the last time and there were a lot of profound thoughts to be shared. I know this is controversial to many and I understand most of the arguments made against the cleanse. Let me restate: I don't recognize the "cleansing" elements completely. I know the SWF is controversial and damn tough to stomach. I know that as a diet, this is not the best way to lose weight. If anyone is looking for anything other than a psychological way to perceive their relationship with food, I don't recommend this. But, if you're down with the experience, post in the comments and we'll support each other though it.