I saw Tony at the Farmer's Market when he was here in March to film tonight's episode of No Reservations (airs on the Travel Channel at 10pm Comcast, 7pm DirecTV). I was with my son and it was one of those moments I immediately regretted. You know how sometimes you see a celebrity and immediately react like they are someone you know? This alone proves to me that it would suck being a celeb.

I threw my boy onto my shoulders and walked over, saying to him loudly enough for Tony to here, "look buddy, it's Uncle Tony" (incidentally, that is what I call him to my son when he sees AB on TV). Tony sort of snarled and looked me in the eye while he continued his ongoing conversation. I knew it was not cool. I stopped dead in my tracks and popped my boy down to his feet. We hovered for a moment and then ducked out. Even my four-year old was wise enough to see the screw up as he said "daddy, what was that?!".

This is exactly where I nearly accosted the man.

Lot's of rumors abound about what Tony will cover tonight, but I'm sure it will feature old-salty haunts of San Francisco yesteryear mixed with the cutting edge that makes our city the epicenter of the sustainable movement. I know he has a love-hate relationship with the locavore ideals, mostly because many of the people espousing it are hypocrites in his eyes.

Lastly, my apologies for the sporadic posts lately. I'm finally one of the casualties of the economy and have had to bust my ass lately (and take work I would have avoided like the plague). I'm headed off to Colorado for some backpacking on Wed, but hope to get on a better schedule soon. I'll try to come up with some posts on the trail and will likely review Jax in Boulder, home of Top Chef winner Hosea Rosenberg.