Ok, Mondays bite in the blog world. You people are too busy getting back to work to read my posts. I get about 1/3 less traffic on Monday and Friday, as a rule. So, I'm going to start doing some quickies on these days to save me the headache and give you some cool stuff to check out. I get asked constantly where do I seek inspiration when planning a meal. Honestly, I typically hit three online sources, in the following order. Or, if I'm planning something special, I'll dive in to my cook books.

Food and Wine: This is my favorite magazine and recipe source. Foodandwine.com is easily navigable and has tons of really great recipes. I often use theirs as a guide for my own - sort of a foundation. But their recipes stand on their own from very credible chefs and are often clean, easy and good in a pinch.

Click Here for Food And Wine

Saveur: Their lineup is not as deep as F&W but I'd have to give them the edge for style. Almost anything I make from a Saveur.com recipe is a little more technical and serious. I always know that there will be crowd pleasers here. There's a certain rustic, yet thoughtful angle to their offerings.

Click Here for Saveur

Epicurious: Honestly, this is my last resort, but still very worthwhile. Their database is vast and will often be multiple entries for whatever I seek. But I take it all with a grain of salt (oh shit here come the puns again). User reviews reveal that Epicurious appeals to a much broader swath of the populous (read: I am a snob) and therefore (oh he's not going to say it) are a little more pedestrian (you prick!). But if you've got skills, you can weed out the fluff (that's kind of a pun. you know, the pedestrian thing, fluff?).

Click Here for Epicurious