So you read Omnivore's Dilemma. You saw Food Inc. You're down with the program. You want to take part in a sustainable food system. Break those ties that bind you! work long hours. You don't have time to shop regularly at the farmer's market. You have to take the kids to swim, soccer, gymnastics, fencing.....We get the picture. It ain't easy to be a locavore.

Or is it? The time has come to join a CSA. Community supported agriculture, dummy. It means that you subscribe directly to a farm. They get to know that they're gonna sell stuff. You get good stuff. Sign up, it's not too expensive. Cut out the middle man. Get it straight from the farm in a box. Eat local. Eat seasonal. Cook creatively. Because since you never really know what you're going to get, it's like a Food Network challenge each week. Do you have the skills to tackle this totally random box of produce?

Oh, and I can hear you. Yes, you. You're saying, how do I even begin to find a farm that has a CSA program. There's not one near me. Wrong! I've got you covered. Well, you didn't think I'd just throw this shit out there and leave you hanging, did ya? Huh? Huh? Click on the image. Do it!


See that map. That's a lot of dern farms, y'all. Enter your zip code (the 5 number one, the 3 number one is your area code, silly). Call the farm (you can use the area code here). Introduce yourself. Nice people, eh? Farmer's tend to be. Ask them if they have pastured eggs. Sign up. Now. Tell 'em the Zealot sent you.