My old Waring Pro blender saw its last day. The motor started to grind and squeal and it became increasingly more difficult to get any results from it. I was sort of excited when Julie suggested we upgrade because it is a rare treat when she was on board for new kitchen technology  (she loves her smoothies). The Waring was over 10 years old. It was time. I've been influenced by the informercials and internet videos of  modern blenders. I always had a little envy. When I bought the Waring, it was touted as a professional grade product, best available. The new technologies looked like they could kick my little blender's ass. I'm sure you're all familiar with WILL IT BLEND?


Will It Blend?


Many of you know that when I buy something, I do the homework. In fact, I often do it for you too....For this one I went straight to Consumer Reports. Their top three were: (1) Vita-Mix 5000, Blendtec Total Blender (the will it blend model, and the Breville BBL600XL.  Respectively their pricing/rating were $400/85, $400/79 and $200/75.

After reading the reviews, it seemed that all of these were great performers for my purposes, so I set out to check street pricing. The consumer reports numbers were pretty accurate, until I hit Bloomingdales. You've got to hand to Bloomies (bring on the rants Howard Stern fans). They have a creative way of offering loyalists incredible discounts. They had the Breville on sale plus we had an additional 20%. All-in it was $150 plus tax. Great deal!


Breville BBL600XL


So far my experience has been outstanding. In smoothie mode it performs much like commercial blenders you see in smoothie shops. It whirs and snorts but never groans. The frozen stuff is mincemeat in seconds. The textures are indeed smooth, something the Waring struggled with from the start. I've done breadcrumbs and purees with great success as well.

The Breville is quiet and has easily removable curved blades for simple cleaning. The base is stable and the glass container is ample and sturdy. The 750 watt motor is more than powerful enough for anything you can throw at it. If you are looking for a new blender, I can confidently recommend the Breville BBL600XL.