I turned 40 yesterday. My wife turns 40 and my son turns four next week (I know, we're all Taureans - ouch). Rather than have a blowout celebration that would leave me hungover, only amplifying my growing limitations, we decided to spread things out. For the next four weeks we'll be celebrating in small venues with assorted compadres and treating ourselves to indulgences here and there. Oh yeah, and most of it will be in Greece. I plan to use the Blog as a travelogue to not only document our culinary encounters, but to also dump some of my pent-up thoughts on the passage of time, ancient cultures, religion and lack thereof, our my aging body and our relationship with nature. Heavy stuff, eh? Of course I'll lace it with plenty of swear words and cynicism.

But, before we get serious, the festivities started last night with a kick-off at Taylor's Refresher in the Ferry Building. What's interesting about this is that we chose Taylor's because we wanted a kid-friendly place, where the adults could also drink. Surprisingly there aren't many places where 4-year olds can run around with reckless abandon while Mom and Dad tie one on. It's a sad state, frankly. In the past we've gone to Axis Café and the café in the Bakar Fitness Center (ho hum). I think there is a concept restaurant here (maybe the Applebees and the Olive Garden have a purpose?).

Anyway, nothing much to report except solid fast-food with good people. I recommend the sweet potato fries (without the chili, sorry guys, it was gross), the onion rings (perfect amount of sea salt on them), the Ahi Burger astounds and the treat of the night was poaching the kids mini corn dogs - oh yum. Of course their shakes and burger are also great, but you already knew that.

The stand out of the evening was courtesy of my lovely wife......Banana Cream Tart from Tartine. This thing is off the charts. The texture of the cream reminds me of a merengue with the flavor of a custard. The bananas somehow remain fresh and crisp in all of the goop, the slivers of chocolate add even more pleasure and the crust is a tried and true winner (the same they use with their stellar quiche).

Thanks to the 'gang-with-littlens' - it was fun. I can't wait to dive into my upcoming posts. We are leaving this afternoon for a jaunt to Napa, staying at the Bardessonno , a new luxurious spa where our friend consulted on the guest experience.